Wowowow. I am embarrassed and horribly sorry it has taken me three months to update this blog yet again. What can I say? Being a mom is hard work! This season has been crazier than most and I really have not had a minute to myself. To top things off there have been a lot of changes in the works and during the little bit of time that I find, I am usually working on pending issues or trying to eat.  :)

Anyway, I will be back in a few with some more details on what is brewing over here and I’ll try not to take another three months getting back to you.  No promises! I learned my lesson there…

Mommy duty calls!

Till next time,




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Being a mom is a full time job. It is a wonder you even get time to try and send out a blog. We love you and miss you. Hugs to you and Jet. He is getting so big. Keep the photos coming.Love you, Grams

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