Two Hearts, Forever One

This post is dedicated to my soul mate…My best friend…My partner for life. I love you with the entirety of my heart and with every fiber of my being.

I loved you yesterday. I love you today. I will love you tomorrow. I will never stop loving you.

Happy Anniversary!

DSC_2381 copy RCC_7176

We love our milkshakes.   Sharing is caring. <3

We love our milkshakes. Sharing is caring.❤

David and I at an autograph session at Macy's.

David and I at an autograph session at Macy’s.

RCC_7168 copy RCC_6599-2 Mrs. David Adams DSC_2623 copy RCC_7035 copy


I LOVE your wedding photo! You look like some ‘posh’ Hollywood Actress from the glamor days! LOVE IT! Happy Anniversary, and God bless both of you on your special day together!


You guys look like you want to bi pass the whole wedding and hurry on to the honey moon! LOL!!!! So in love! Hard thing to find these days… best friends and lovers, and truly happy! Now all you need is one of those black and white famous beach shots…you know, the old movie with the couple kissing on the beach with the waves splashing up on them?

Haha. Thank you! God Bless!

Congratulations to you guys! Here’s to a lot of dazzling decades. 😀


Thank you! I just found this comment in my spam.😦

Very nice. Both of you please say hello to your parents. Im living and coaching in Rhode Island

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